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Inspirational Quotes from Doraemon and Friends

Doraemon Quotes

[To Nobita when they first met] Trust me, you won’t be getting anything good. Nobi Nobita will hang himself in 30 minutes. And burn at the stake in 40.

[To Nobita] If entire Japanese population is brought down to your intelligence level, the world would collapse!

[To Nobita] Only losers who have absolutely no chance in getting girls would use this pathetic gadget. Do you still want to give it a shot?

I’m afraid Nobita’s brain is retarded.

You think too much, Nobita. You can’t be the most useless person in the world. There is always someone inferior.

Inspirational Quotes from Doraemon Anime
Doraemon Inspirational Quotes

How can they abuse someone as week as you!? Someone so pathetic, so dumb…

[To a Sea Witch who want to make an exchange with Little Mermaid] Mean! It’s only a pair of legs, give them to her for free! Look at this poor little girl, you heartless, stingy bastard.

You shouldn’t be crying over those things that happened in the past. Think of this, why do you think your eyes are placed in front? That is for you to see what’s up ahead.

In the end, it’s up to you to decie whether you wan to make your future a good one.

A person who does nothing but pose is sure to trip up someday.

If other people can do it, so can you.

If you do not at least try, you will never change.

You kindness is about to change the future.

[To Nobita] It was you who invited Shizuka first, why do you give up?

This machine can create as many as you need.

Don’t use it unless you really need to.

[To Nobita about peeking into Shizuka’s bathroom] Yeah! That’s wrong Nobita-kun!!

[To Nobita] Now you know you can not make the gadgets do all the work. You yourself also have to make effort.

Nobita Quotes

[To a Japanese Soldier in World War II] Don’t worry about the war. It will end soon.

[Talking about Doraemon] My model is the problem. He’s neither beautiful nor cute.

I don’t want to live anymore.

Inspirational Quotes from Nobita
Quotes from Nobita

[To Shizuka] How come you are taking bath all the time? I can’t touch you when you are in bath, do you ever think about how I feel!?

I want a little sister who looks exactly like me and adorable.

Why the more I think I can do it, still I couldn’t?

It was on a new year day right? I was surprised because you suddenly appeared and said, “You are a screw up!” We’ve been to so many places together. The future, the past and other unknown places. We even escaped death! You never know what to do when you panic. Whenever I get into trouble you always cared like it was your problem. I never thanked you but I am always grateful. Sometimes we do get into serious fights. But no matter what we made up afterwards. Come on Doraemon, say something! Hey, Doraemon… (crying) Doraemon…

Life is meant to take things easy. That’s it, just relax and take things easy.

[To Doraemon] I am kind of worried. What if I can’t marry someone? What should I do?

Where is Giant? I’m going to pay him back!

I’m sorry for troubling all of my descendents… I-I, I’m tired of my life already…

You should be able to do it, right Doraemon? Just dig a hole in the ground. Please? I want to make dad have a fun trip to his office.

Scores are not as important as the knowledge. There are still many things to learn.

[To Shizuka] I will make you happy, forever and ever!

Shizuka Quotes

It’s mean to make someone happy and then bring him down, even though it’s true he’s kind of dumb.

Nobita can be clumsy, frivolous and perverted… Even peeking into my shower… But he always try his best and notices the needs of others. Even though he gets the short end of the stick all the time he is still able to smile. He is a strong person!

[To Nobita] It’s not healthy to push yourself so hard. We haven’t been to the back hills for a while, wanna go?

Good morning, Noby!

[To Nobita] I worry about you. You need someone to look after you.

Inspirational Quotes from Shizuka
Beautiful Quotes from Shizuka

Bartholomew Allen a.k.a The Flash, 34 Quotes from The Flash Comic Books

The Flash, The Fastest Man Quotes

watch the flash quotes, faster than the light
The Flash quotes: “I wonder what it would really be like — to be the fastest man on earth?”

I wonder what it would really be like — to be the fastest man on earth?

…Instead you came up with an elaborate plan to preoccupy me as Flash so Barry Allen couldn’t do his job?Flash Fact, Top: I’m fast enough to do both.

Just remember, though, I let you catch me today. I’m still the Fastest Man Alive!

One thing you should remember about me, Digger. I don’t mind running.

I can never be late again.

I can’t run from it. If it’s that important, I’m damned if I’m going to run from it.

watch the flash quotes, the fastest man alive
The flash quotes: “Life doesn’t give us purpose. We give life purpose”

Life doesn’t give us purpose. We give life purpose.

What you and I can do … that’s a lot to ask of electrified chemicals. For the first time, I felt a sense of this power coming from beyond us. From an unknown force. And I wondered, Wally … are we even human?

I Dig! Be back in a– Flash!

I’m back, Thawne. But this time it’s on my terms.

You see, this treadmill is cosmic-ray powered!

You should run for office, GA!

Sorry I’m late.

The Flash, Superhero Quotes

Hey, Kid. Name’s The Flash, nice to meet ya.

I’ve got to get back to Bruce! The dome’s down. We’ve got a chance! We’ve got a chance!

Out of my way, monsters — I’ve got a job to do!

No more worries, Hal. All will be well.

Aww… no more buwwets…

I’m the only one who knows there was a war in heaven. And evil won.

Some things are still the same. Others are different.

Do what you have to… we must save the world. We must save the world…

watch the flash quotes, the man the chasing justice
The flash Quotes: “I was never a saint. I was just a guy chasing justice.”

I was never a saint. I was just a guy chasing justice.

Good-bye Mirror-Gun — Hello Jaw-Ache

I know where I’m being compelled to go… and what I’m being forced to do — kill Abra Kadabra!

Why is it nothing about this Master Villain or his powers makes sense? And wackiest of all… why does hetalk and act like a kid?

Glopf! I don’t believe it! Not a pie in the face!

But if this isn’t silver nitrate — what is it? Good god! It’s heroin… pure heroin!

Oh, great! Yorkin’s attack left Heat Wave half crazed with fear and hatred… now they’re both roaming the streets… what else could possibly go wrong?

I ought to pound your face a few million more times… but right now I’ll settle for putting you to sleep! We have a long trip ahead of us! And in case you’ve forgotten… the death-penalty is destined to be brought backin the 25th Century — so once you’re convicted you’ll be given the execution you so richly deserve!

Iris West is marrying the wrong man!

After all we’ve been through together over the years, how … how could Wally testify against me — his uncle … his mentor … his most trusted confident?

Whoa! Whoa! No details about my future, all right? I don’t want to know how I die, Wally. All I can hope is that however it happens… I make a difference.

It happened…last year. Aquaman and Atlantis flooding Europe. And before that Wonder Woman leading the Amazons…on a blitzkrieg in London. My memories are changing. This isn’t a parallel Earth or a mirror world…this is home. This is real.

I’ll give you a banana if you drop the detonator.